Creating with straight thoughts and feelings.

We are a system development company that strives for harmony between people and systems.

Creating with straight thoughts and feelings.

We are a system development company that strives for harmony between people and systems.


DX consulting

We understand the current business situation and challenges of our clients, engaging in close collaboration with the people working on the field. We listen to the business flows and the desired direction, then collectively devise solutions and propose business process optimization.

We conduct issue identification, maintenance, and operation from the outset.

The current ‘difficulties’ are the potential for future ‘simplicity.’
Our mission is to connect that path straight from present challenges to the ease of the future.
Efficiency improvement of systems, enhancement of personalized mechanisms, and addressing manpower shortage.

We solve all of these. Let’s co-create with us.



Kiinnovator is a system born to facilitate the sharing of drawings, which were previously done manually, using devices like iPads, aiming to simplify tasks such as load forecasting and material ordering. While valuing the analog sensation, it has achieved the necessary features for efficiency and paperless operations.

Revolutionizing the retail industry with efficiency – Retail Version 2 = KOURI2. Leveraging automation and data analysis, it is a SaaS (Software as a Service) dedicated to achieving operational improvement, focusing on enhancing customer experience and strengthening competitiveness.


Company Party

Welcoming Party

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DX Consulting

In-house service



The "3S" in action.




“Strong will" is the sole catalyst for innovation.”


Creating happiness for those involved, users, with a 'strong will.

Pursuing the latest technology smartly,
straight towards the goal,
running speedy, and striving to run even faster.


President and CEO

Atsushi Shiraishi (白石 篤司)

Founded Shiraoya, a rice business, and successfully expanded into rice farming agriculture. Later, sold the IT company, diffeasy Inc., to Fukuoka Financial Group (FFG). With experience in founding a company in the iGaming industry in Europe and the United States, established straight Inc. Known for a disciplined nature from a former professional kickboxer, excelling in persistent and down-to-earth improvement pursuits.

Director of Programming

Hideki Uemura (上村 英喜)


After freelancing and founding a company, developed an innovative keyword KPI software, achieving a sales record of approximately 4,000 units. Subsequently, gained experience in expanding sales of site communication software and B2B business software. Worked as the representative of C’sFactory Inc., an IT company, for about 10 years before joining the founding of straight Inc. A well-informed figure in the IT industry, skilled at flexibly designing based on user-specific ideologies.

Let's create a new future together with us,

who think of our customers

Thank you for your interest in our company. For inquiries about
production and development fees, as well as consultations regarding our services,
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